Monday, February 2, 2009

"r-creations" Re-Creations

“r-creations” re-creations

I LOVE designer jewelry. I love one of kind items that you can’t get at an everyday store, or the mall. I have been looking for different types of items that inspire me. I came across this piece that I feel in love with. The problem… it was $68.oo. I pulled out all of my beads, and decided that I could re-create this piece to be more affordable. I love making pieces that would make any girl feel more beautiful wearing however; I also take pride in making these pieces affordable and still keep that great quality that you would get in a boutique. Here are a few pictures of things that I “re-created” to be beautifully affordable.

Designer Price Necklace $68.00 Earrings $20.00

“r-creations” price Necklace $18.00 Earrings $4.00


Designer Price Set $45.00

“r-creations” price $22.00


Designer Price Set $54.00

“r-creations” price $25.00

The black in this piece brings out the green and blue hues in the topaz looking rocks. It follows the natural appeal in the piece with chips of black rock. The silver beads finish the look off, as they tie the natural and modern looks together. Way Fun!


Designer Price Set $38.00

“r-creations” price $18.00

I LOVE the look in this Necklace. It has black looking pearls softened by the classic look of crystal beads. . A perfect example of “Fire and Ice”, this is a timeless piece that you can wear over and over again for many years to come.


Designer Price Set $32.00

“r-creations” price $13.00


Designer Price Set $36.00

“r-creations” price $15.00

This set has a wonderful color combination of Pink and Black, One of my favorites. It has a lighter shade of black to better compliment the shimmer of the pink pearls. It’s tied in together with a beautiful shade of silver accents, surrounding the pink beads.

To give this set the justice that it deserves, you need to click on the picture to make it larger, so that you can see the detail and all the sparkle that these great pieces bring!


Designer Price Set $46.00

“r-creations” price $21.00


This is an “r-creations” original. The price is $10.00 for the necklace.

This is a simple yet elegant look with white opal round shells floating on wire as it sits effortlessly around your neckline.