Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Orders!

Merry Christmas!

I am now taking orders for Christmas!

You can send me an email at or leave me a comment with your email address. I then can give you my number and call you to get an idea of what you are looking for!

Thank you for all your support. We are so grateful for everyone as we embark on this journey.


“r-creations” Necklaces

I have gotten so behind updating my blog. With Christmas Coming, There are a lot of Christmas Parties, Family Activities, Work Parties, We have Birthdays and My husband and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this week. So we have been plenty busy. With all this, I have been filling orders for Christmas, so my blog has really suffered. I will try to keep up on it so you can see more of “r-creations” and what’s new!

You will have to forgive me for all the coloring on the Necklace display. My 2 year old thought he would help mommy by making it pretty with a sharpie pen. So I will have a new one coming soon.





Yellow "Chain Necklace" $15.00 Matching Bracelet $6.00

Red "Chain Necklace" $15.00

Green Pendant style Neckalce $8.00


“r-creations” Bracelets

I have had a few orders for bracelets. Bracelets are so fun, and easy to wear. Just grab one on your way out the door and put it on.

These Bracelets were made for my cousin who sells Scentsy. Purple and Green are Scentsy colors, So she picked out the colors and the design. I first made some for my cousin and she sent them to her scentsy friends for Christmas. I then received a call from someone who received it and wanted to order some for her scentsy friends. IF you like what you see please spread the word. It’s about the only way I have to advertise right now and has been working pretty well. So thank you for all you who have told your friends and family.

These are $4.00 a piece and come in sizes X-Small to X-Large

My Friend Kristin Came up with this idea to have a “wire Bracelets” to match the wire on some of the Necklaces. I thought that is came out so cute and looks a lot cuter on then in the picture.

Price: $5.00

Bangle Bracelets are way Fun!

They are so trendy and you can do just about anything with them. The possibilities are endless. You can through in all sorts of colors and styles into one bracelet to make one uniquely yours

Purple Bangle $6.00 on Left

Black "Chain Bangle" Bracelet $6.00 - $8.00 depending on size and how many beads you choose