Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little femininity

I haven’t updated my blog for quite awhile as my attention has been on filling orders for Christmas. Now that it’s slowing down a bit, I can show some pictures of what’s been new with “r-creations”. I have added a few more styles and 2 new lines, A Men’s Line, and a Watch Line. I am still taking orders, and I am also trying to work hard to get some type of inventory on hand. So, if you need something spare of the moment for last minute gift ideas, birthdays, or even just because, hopefully I’ll be able to help you out.

I am very grateful for those of you who are spreading the word. This is really helping my business get a great jump start.

So to Thank You, Every order that I receive from a referral, word of mouth, on a blog etc. I will give that person a free gift from “r-creations”

So if you are a “new customer” Please let me know how you heard of us so that we can Thank those who have really helped us out!

And if you refer someone, tell them to mention your name so that you can get the Thanks that you deserve!

As Always, Questions and Comments are Always Welcome!

I love the next few pieces; they are so feminine with a touch of elegance and fun.

Pink and White Luau Necklace $9.00

White Elegance NeckLace $10.50

Brown & Pink Hula Necklace $9.00