Thursday, July 31, 2008

B-day Invites!

Birthday Invitations!

My Son is turning 2 this week and I wanted a fun way to invite the family over. So I created these invitations. They are a lot of fun. It’s just a little different than your standard card, with time, date and place.

The card consists of 2 parts, the envelope card holder, and the tag card. I made a pocket for the tag, by adhering the front part with 2 paw print brads, along with ribbon for decoration.

The backing for the tag is animal theme. I tied that into the holder by adding a small strip of the same pattern paper to the base of the envelope

Finally, I attached the tag to the back base paper with a brad and a flower for a little extra touch. It was a great way to add color into the tag.

I wanted a fun way to invite people to the party. So I came up with this poem. It tells the date time and place and also lets everyone know that we are having cake and ice cream and that it is a “zoo “theme,

I hope you enjoy this, and have fun adapting the idea to your own needs.

Cards, invites, etc, and feel free to use different themes and of course have fun with color.

Finished size 4 x 5 ¼


The Huffies

you are so cute! My friend saw some of your stuff at my house and thinks you should start selling your stuff on an etsy store...I agree! You are so talented and I love you! - Carol


K serious girl! You have talent!!! I'd LOVE to be able to do any of this stuff! I love it! So, keep showing it off!!

Shumway Family

So fun!! Rachael you are so extremely talented. WOW!! You should seriously look into selling!! People would flock to you!! We love you and miss you!